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What to expect in this Virgo Season

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What to expect in this Virgo Season

Welcome to Virgo season! Our Maiden of the Zodiac is ruled by none other than quick-witted Mercury, so during the Virgo season we find our minds are sharpened and we are graced with Virgo’s perceptive eye. Virgo is known for their logical thinking, independent ways and nurturing personality. Their can-do attitude makes them incredibly reliable and a great friend to have around. Keep reading to find out exactly what Virgo season will bring you.

On the 30th of August, Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury entered sociable Libra. Libra is known as the mediator of the Zodiac – keeping things balanced and peaceful. So while Mercury is in Libra, healthy communication becomes much more attainable. People are now willing to be more talkative and work together rather than lash out. You will feel a sense of camaraderie between your colleagues and calmness in your personal life. This leads to fast progress and allows you to accomplish bigger things. Working together with others is much easier during this transit.

Then on the 6th of September, we are graced with a New Moon in Virgo. New Moons are great periods for change or trying something different. In this case, due to Virgo’s helpful nature you’ll definitely find yourself becoming more generous and humanitarian. Virgo is always willing to lend a helping hand. They like to be leaned on and give support to those who need them. So why not try take a leaf out of Virgo’s book and try doing something for your community this season. This can be something like donating pre-loved items or volunteering. Anything helps!

Just four days later, seductive Venus enters passionate Scorpio. Venus is the planet of passion, eroticism and sexuality so really use this energy to really spice up your love sector. If there’s a fantasy you’ve always wanted to indulge in, now is the perfect time to bring it up with your partner! Being honest about your desires can transform your whole relationship. If you’re not coupled up then worry not, you can always have fun meeting new people and flirting with strangers.

On the 14th, dynamic Mars moves into Libra. Mars’ active energy will stir things up in your life while Libra’s adaptable nature will give you what it takes to handle anything life throws at you. Exciting things are definitely on the way so be prepared to get busier! Use the vibrant energy from this transit to really fuel your ambitions and think positively.

Lastly, on the 20th we see a Full Moon in water sign Pisces. This is a good time to get in touch with your emotions. Be a bit more open to others and allow those closest to you to see a little deeper into your heart. Communicating your thoughts and feelings with others can really strengthen your bond and lift a weight off from your shoulders. This ends Virgo season on a deeper, more emotional note.

With love, 

Elena x