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Tips for Getting the Most from the Brand New Season

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Tips for Getting the Most from the Brand New Season

Summer will soon be behind us and a new season is nearly here. You might be feeling excited about all that autumn brings. Perhaps you are dreaming of golden leaves, cosy jumpers and warming drinks!

Perhaps you have that Back to School feeling that September can bring. Even if your school days are long behind you September can bring a fresh burst of energy for starting something new.

But the new season can also bring some challenges. Children might be back to school with all the organising that brings!

We’re also looking ahead into winter and the colder days to come, perhaps looking over our shoulders with a feeling of longing for those summer days that will soon be behind us.

So how can we enter this new season with a positive mindset and make it the best it can possibly be?

New Dreams for a New Season

Take some time to think about this brand new season unfolding before you.

Perhaps collect some images of what you would love to do this autumn. Is there is a special place you would like to visit, people you would like to catch up with or something new you would like to explore?

Take time to visualise it now and manifest, write it down and the universe will bring it to you. 

Soak in the Season

Autumn is a season full of things to delight the senses, whether its walking through crisp leaves just fallen from the trees or wrapping yourself in your favourite cosy scarf.

Can you commit some time to mindfully enjoy all that this new season brings? By drawing our attention to all that is changing around us we can be more fully in the moment and really soak up all that the new season has to offer.

Try Something New

If you are feeling that Back to School energy then why not think about something you have always wanted to learn and give it a try!

Now is the perfect time to pick something off the bucket list that you have always wanted to do.

With some thought and a positive mindset a new season can be full of possibilities. With these tips, I hope this new season will be everything you dream it will be!

Love x,