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How Leo Season Will Affect You

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How Leo Season Will Affect You

On the 22nd of July, the glorious Sun moves out of Cancer and dances into the arms of bold Leo. Welcome to Leo season! Our lion of the Zodiac is ruled by none other than the star of our solar system itself, so during the Leo season we see ourselves glow brighter than ever before. Leo is known for their warm nature, confident ways, and extroverted spirit. There isa lot going on this Leo season, which lasts until the 22nd of August, so get ready for a whirlwind of a summer! Read on to find out just what this year’s Leo season will bring to the table.

The day after the Sun enters Leo, our night sky is graced with a Full Moon in Aquarius. This inspires you to be more altruistic. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the Zodiac, so this energy coupled with Leo’s generosity makes for an especially harmonious period. You’ll experience a lot more open heartedness from others and will find yourself to be more giving too. Really strive to support those around you – cooperation is key this Leo season.

Helping you to collaborate with others, smooth-talking Mercury enters Leo on the 27th of July. Your communication style will becomeextracharismatic meaning when you speak, people will listen. This is the perfect time to forge new connections. Really have a go at being a bit bold! Chat to a stranger, become friends with your superiors at work, give out compliments to whoever passes you by. Once you get talking, there’ll be no stopping you.

Another key player this Leo season is Jupiter, who goes retrograde in Aquarius on the 28th of July. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck, so when it moves backwards through the skies it’s really getting up to reflect on missed opportunities. With Aquarius’ revolutionary thinking involved in this transit, you can be sure to find new events pop up all around you. Learn from the past and take a shot at any opportunity given to you! With Leo’s confident influence, you’ll have no trouble picking up on any tasks you need to do.

Next on the list, we have fast-paced Mars moving into responsible Virgo on the 29th of July. This transit urges us to be more methodical when asserting ourselves into new endeavours. Don’t just rush forward! Come up with a plan first. Then you can use Mars’ dynamic influence to really make some progress. Just over a week later on the 8th of August we have a New Moon in Leo. This combines very nicely with Mars’ energetic spirit. This New Moon will encourage you to keep going on your new path. Whatever project or life goal you’re striving towards will be boosted by Leo’s leadership skills.

On the 16th of August, romantic Venus enters diplomatic Libra. This is a good sign for your love life. While things might have been very chaotic recently, Libra’s fair nature will help bring balance into your relationship. Some compromise might be involved, but it’s a small price for a great reward!

Later on in the month, unpredictable Uranus starts its retrograde in Taurus. This transit shifts you completely out of your comfort zone and forces you to move forward. If you resist this change, Uranus will shake up your whole world until there’s no where left to stand. This transit is really all about welcoming change in your life.

Lastly, the final day of Leo Season comes to a close with a second Full Moon in Aquarius. This again gets us to open up our hearts – ending Leo Season on a loving note.

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