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Leo season for each Zodiac sign

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Leo season for each Zodiac sign

Here’s what each Zodiac sign can expect to experience during the exciting Leo season. To find out just how it affects you, read on! 


For you Aries, this Leo season will redefine your goals and expectations. What you once thought was your destiny will be altered slightly onto a path that is more likely to fulfil you. When change comes do not resist it. It will take you somewhere greater!


This Leo season highly affects your work life Taurus. There will be a change in your livelihood and work environment. Perhaps you will go back to a previous role, or perhaps you will be offered a complete job. The key concept is to take on the challenge of learning. Never reject something you can learn how to do.


For you Gemini, the Leo season is a problem solver. This season will allow you to pinpoint the areas of your life that were causing you issues. Once that is done, you will be in a better position to find a solution to those problems. It is a great time of healing and compromise with others.


The Leo season gives you the opportunity to move forward with real progress. You may have been feeling quite stuck for a while Cancer, but you can break out of the chains that are holding you back if and only if you face them directly. Leo’s bold and confident energy gives you the strength to deal with trouble head on.


This Leo season brings you the power of rejuvenation Leo. This is a highly auspicious time where you get to re-live a good life. This can come in the form of a good business deal, a rekindling of love in your relationship, or finding a spark with someone if you are not in a relationship. This transit brings you a bright future.


This Leo season will bring you increased awareness and power over your responsibilities. Recently you might have been feeling very overwhelmed with things like leadership, money and debt. But Jupiter’s optimistic energy in this season is passed to you and gives you the vigour to reclaim your life. It puts you in a much better position to handle any difficulties.


This year’s Leo season is a highly transformative time for you Libra. There will be massive change coming to your belief system. You will have to unlearn and relearn, shatter your values and build them up again. Karma is also very important in this transit. All your good deeds will come back to you now and protect you from harm or negativity.


For you Scorpio, this Leo season is very much linked to your home and material possessions. Everything in your world is growing. An expansion of your home or buying a car are all possible during the Leo season. You will find that your whole world grows – including your travel opportunities!


This Leo season is all about creation and progress for you Sagittarius. You will find your ability to create is boosted. Knowledge comes easily to you know, so use it to make something meaningful. Whatever project you put your mind to will blossom into something magnificent during this transit.


What this Leo season brings to you Capricorn is freedom. You have been living under a great pressure and it has worn down on your spirit. This transit is going to break you free of what has been weighing you down and holding you back. Now you can move forward and achieve far greater things.


With so much activity happening in your sign Aquarius, this Leo season pushes you to move towards your true self. It is about opening up to your emotional side and letting people see you close up. This can be very difficult, but you will receive lots of help from your partner or close friend. Transparency is key in this transit.


This Leo season is going to alter your state of consciousness Pisces. You are going to experience a great change in your mindset – it will move towards Leo’s confidence and positivity. Practice using affirmations to guide this change and become more mindful about the new person you are becoming.